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Learning Wix Integration with TCI

Testing Wix/Salesforce Integration

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Vicarious trauma is the development of trauma-related symptoms without having direct exposure to a traumatic event. The history of Black American women includes intergenerational and collective traumas, meaning that past traumatic experiences of Black Americans shape the lived experiences of Black women today. Although Black women may not be directly exposed to a trauma, traumatic experiences of other Black Americans, particularly racial trauma, can lead to the development of vicarious trauma. Vicarious trauma symptoms impact the psychological, emotional, physical and behavioral functioning of Black women. Mental health professionals report being undertrained in assessing racial trauma, may have limited knowledge of the lived realities of Black women, and have internalized biases towards Black women. All of these variables impact mental health professionals’ ability to effectively treat vicarious trauma and facilitate a healing therapeutic environment for Black women. This workshop provides a historical context for understanding the collective experience of Black women and their development of vicarious trauma, prompts clinicians to self-reflect on beliefs held for Black women, and offers strategies for prevention and healing from vicarious trauma.

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