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A Letter from Dr. Bray

Since starting the Trauma Care Institute last year, we have been so proud to offer trauma training to some of Texas' most talented and dedicated mental health professionals. In addition, it has been a great honor to partner with trainers from around the country who believe in what we at TCI are trying to achieve. One such source of pride was being able to offer 3 full days of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) training for free in Abilene, TX, taught by Dr. Robert Bray from the San Diego Thought Field Therapy Center. During the training, Dr. Bray shared with me that he was truly moved by the open-mindedness and engagement of the attendees. After the training, he emailed me the sweetest letter of thanks and I wanted to share it! For those of you who were not able to join us but are still interested in learning more about TFT and how it can be used to help your clients, please visit - Kaley

​You know that feeling when someone says “thank you” and saying “you are welcome” does not seem like the right response because what is happening is not some polite courtesy. What is happening is a powerful moment of recognition of gifts given and received --Very Big Gifts. Well I just had one of those moments in Abilene Tx. Ending a three-day workshop with 29 mental health provider learning Thought Field Therapy we exchanged those polite words but it was not an adequate express of how great it was for me. I received so much more than I gave. I appreciated how well I was used in doing my favorite thing- Teaching Thought Field Therapy. The feeling of gratefulness expressed to me was sweet but not as sweet as what they gave me. Their stories, willing engagement, courage to explore, and commitment to carry on the power of TFT are gifts that I will long value. I loved seeing participants testing out TFT on themselves and one another. The enthusiasm in preparing to introduce it to their clients was wonderful to see. All too often, I feel I am pushing a bolder up a hill by myself as I present the evidence for healing with informational and energy psychology taught in Thought Field Therapy. Well, I feel less alone today. My very personal Thank You to The Trauma Care Institute of the Trauma Support Services of North Texas. It has been a pleasure working with the leadership, staff, and community and hope to see you all in the future. Keep Tapping Bob

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