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Reflecting on Strength, Resilience, & Justice During National Crime Victims' Rights Week

This week is National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. Here at Trauma Support Services of North Texas, we count it an honor and privilege to work with trauma survivors. We love this year’s theme for National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, Strength. Resilience. Justice, because it honors the courage it takes to move forward after being victimized.

Many trauma survivors have lived through circumstances we cannot imagine. It took an incredible amount of strength just to survive it. At TSSNT, we have a front row seat to witness the resilience of survivors as they learn to thrive again. We also see justice, as community members join together to fight on behalf the vulnerable, whether in the courtroom or the public policy arena.

Dawn is a woman with the great strength and resilience. We are so proud of all that she accomplished with us, and continues to accomplish. Our hope is that you are just as inspired by her story as we are by her life!

Dawn’s Story of Hope

When you think about the possibility that your children could be sexually assaulted, you watch out for the neighbor next door who looks a little “weird, or the stranger who might be lurking behind the shadows as they walk to school. Never in your wildest dreams do you imagine that the real stranger may be living in your house, posing as their protector, their provider, their confidante…also known as their father. NOT a step-father, but their biological father. The father who was at the hospital when they were born, the father who helped them take their first steps, the father who took them to school on their very first day, and…the father who violated them and took their innocence in a way that can never be reclaimed.

​But in the midst of it all, my children and I regained our dignity, took back our self-worth, and found new purpose. The services provided through TSSNT helped us through the rough patches of shame, anger and even guilt. They helped us find approval, peace and strength. \

About the Author

Dawn Delaney is a Dallas, TX native. Born in September. This makes her a VIRGO (Vibrant, Intelligent, Reliable, Giving and Observant). She works as a Trainer for Airport Operations at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. She is the mother of six, and grandmother of two. She is a graduate of the University of North Texas with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. She is a lover of “The Arts”.

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