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Suicide, Survivors, and Support

If your loved one died by suicide, you are not alone! Each year more than 500 people die by suicide in the Dallas/Fort Worth area – about 10 each week. It’s enough to manage the stresses of everyday life but when you add in the pain of knowing someone you love took their own life, it can easily become overwhelming. In these moments, you may turn to close family and friends for support but the truth is, they don’t always know the best way to support you. In addition, you may hold back from openly sharing the full extent of your pain, in an attempt to shield them from the truth of the burden you carry. While you can continue on this path for a while, it’s not a sustainable way to live your life and certainly not the way your loved one would have wanted. Fortunately, you do have other places to turn and I’d like to share with you one option that has been a lifeline for many families in your same situation. Trauma Support Services of North Texas offers weekly group therapy for those coping with a death by suicide. This group is mediated by both a licensed therapist and a non-clinical co-facilitator, someone who has experienced your pain and can help you move forward in your life. TSSNT recognizes the whirlwind of emotional turmoil one faces following suicide death. You wonder if you could have done something to prevent the tragedy. You may feel guilty for missing the signs. Could something have stopped him or her? All of these reactions will be addressed during the eight group sessions. The next Suicide Trauma Grief Group will begin on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 and end Tuesday, November 24. There is no fee associated with this group. If this sounds like something you have been searching for and are interested in attending, please call TSSNT at 817-378-7158 for more information.

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