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Want to join our Resilience Marathon Club to track your miles?

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When:  November 1- November 30

Where:  Anywhere! Your favorite park, path or street in your neighborhood

Not a runner? 

Don't see yourself as an athlete? 

No problem! 

The Resilience Marathon is a 26.2 mile,

self-paced walk/run that you do at home or wherever you like to walk or run.



Never thought you could complete a marathon?

Could you commit to walking a few miles a day?

Maybe, 2 miles a day for two weeks or
4 miles a day for a week?

We encourage you to do what works for you.

The finisher's medal you will earn looks the same no matter how you get there.

That's resilience!



Download the Strava app

to track your miles!


Join our club, "Trauma Support Services" on Strava to watch our progress!

Display your activity by linking Strava to your fundraising page.

Running Shoes


One mile at a time, for one life at a time.

Be a marathon finisher -- even if you are not a runner!

Has life ever seemed insurmountable? Did you find that being grateful for the small things and taking it one day at a time helped you to make it through? 
That same premise inspired us to create the Resilience Marathon.


In these challenging times, the word "resilience" has been used a great deal, but our organization has specialized in helping crime and trauma victims become survivors since our organization began. It is our core mission.

We need your support to continue to keep showing up for victims of crime and trauma. As always, we are providing trauma counseling at no cost.


We want to make sure that no one has to wait to receive the mental health services they need to keep putting one foot in front of the other...

Thank you for your support!

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